Feng shui is acupuncture of space and time

Something about feng shui

My definition of feng shui is: the acupuncture of space and time. I can say this is the art of life. As master of acupuncture leads the needles into meridians points of body, the good master of feng shui leads the QI energy through the space.

I China says: "If neddle cannot help, then the doctor must to go to house of your client to find the problem". Thats true - the space around us has a bigger influence that we think about. 

All over the world is connected couse all is "only" energy. All is living .... the flowers and trees, the stones and rocks, the sea, rivers and oceans, the buildings and food - all is living and One.

Feng shui is focused to bring the energy into our house, into our life and our body. From space, and Universe, from Mother Earth.

Feng shui isnot only space, but time and Man too. Three treasures - San Zhai - must be solv together.  

Feng shui is harmony, in all areas of life - it can help us in sphere of relations, love, health, wealth, money, jobs and cariere, friendship, childrens, creativity, familly, ideas, activity or rest, clean fresh mind.....

Feng shui can help to change our inner life through the outer changes in space and throuhg the knowledge of Universe time cycles.