feng shui consultations and analyses

Feng Shui Consultations and analyses

Let me introduce our standard system of feng shui consultations for privete persons and also for companies:

on this pages you cannot find any price list, couse we work strictly on our clients needs  and requiries.

At first we need to see You personaly to discusse your needs and goals and to explain in detail what is feng shui, and what we can help you. Also we need to see personaly your home or company buildings. This first meeting is free for You, only before agreed transport costs are required. After this first consultation you will receive the final price offer and you will be able to do a qualificated decision if you are interesting in our services.

We dont do any consultation on line, on phone or skype. We need to feel the energy in space.

Many people consider feng shui is an interior design. Is not true, absolutly. Interior design is only a little part of this discipline.  Feng shui is a pillar of TCM - traditional chineese medicine. Its about a leading energy from Earth and Universe into your house and into your body. Its space and time acupuncture.