Feng Shui Academy in Prague

Aqua Ventus Academy - traditional feng shui school

Dear Friends of feng shui,

welcome on this web sites of traditional chineese art school of  feng shui - Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.

Aqua Ventus Academy is focused to teaching taoist philosophy, all schools of feng shui art as form, Bagua, BaZhi, Luo pan, Flying Star, chineese astrology, in detail mainly 4 pillars of Destiny and the basics of traditional chinees medicine.

We cooperate with Institut Kanyu in Germany, Goetingen, and also invite the others contacts and interest of cooperation with feng shui specialists and masters from over the world.

We are able to organize and assure the seminars, courses and conferences focused to feng shui, geomancy, taoist philosofy and arts, chineese astrology and etc.

Dont hesistate to contact us if you are interested in cooperation or to use our services.